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Lady Pirates

1. Women in Piracy ... Although the majority of pirates in history have been men, there are around one hundred known examples of female pirates. About 40 of these were active during the Golden age of Piracy. Some women have been pirate captains, and some have commanded entire pirate fleets. Among the most notable pirate women were figures such as ... Zheng Yi Sao (1775-1844) and Huang Bamei (1906-1982) Both of these female pirate captains led tens of thousands of pirates. 2. Queen Teuta of llI yria ... Teuta was the queen regent of the Ardriaei tribe. She reigned approximately from 231 BC to 228/227 BC. 3. Aethelflaed ... AEthel-faed, Lady of the MerMercians. She ruled Mercia in the English Midlands from 911 until her death. She was the eldest daughter of Alfred the Great, King of the Anglo- Saxon Kingdom of Wessex, and his wife Ealhswith. She was born around 870 at the height of the Viking invasion. 4. Ladgerda ... she was a Danish Viking ruler and pirate and shield-maiden from what is now Norway, the one time wife of the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok. 5. Jeanne de Clisson (1300-1359 ... Also Known as Jeanne deBellevill and the Lioness of Brittany ... She was a French/Breton' and former noblewomen who became a privateer to avenge her husband after he was executed for treason by the French king. She crossed the English Channel targeting French ships and often slaughtered their crews. It was her practice to leave at least one sailor alive to carry her message to the King of France. 6. Sayyida al-Hurra ... Her real name was Lalla Aicha bint Ali ibn rashida lami ... She was born on July 14th in 1561... She was a Pirate Queen. Her husband was Haki Mat, The Governor of Tetouan. 7. Lady Mary Killeringrew ... Also named Mary Wolverston. She was a gentle woman from Suffolk who married into an ancient Cornish family. She was accused of piracy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I . 8. Grace O'Malley ... Also known as Grainne O'Malley was the head of the O'Malley dynasty in the west of Ireland. She is the daughter of Eoghan Dubhdara O'Malley. In Irish folklore she is commonly known as Grainne Mhaol. She is a well-known historical figure in 16th century Irish culture. 9. Mary Read ... Also known as Mark Read, was an English pirate. She and Anne Bonny were two famous female pirates from the 18th century. They were among the few women known to have been convicted of piracy at the height of the "Golden Age of Piracy". Mary was born in 1685. 10. Anne Bonney ... Anne was born on March 8th 1697, she disappeared in April of 1721. At times Anne was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of a few female pirates.

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