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Summer Dreams 
Check out these summer dreaming in the Hamptons [drone] videos.
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Just How Deep Does the Ocean Go?
Way further than you think. This animation puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep. 
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NEW ...What's Under the Ice in Antartica?
Much more than you would imagine. Did you know that it hasn't rained in Antartica in2 million years? Watch Video 1 ... Watch Video 2
Light My Fire ... The Allure of Lighthouses 

Boating enthusiasts sure love their lighthouses. They span from coast to coast and often pop up in the unlikeliest of places. These videos show striking land and arial based images featuring some of the most iconic lighthouses globally.

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Sharks ... How Big Do They Get?
Meet the top 7 largest great white sharks found so far. The great white shark is imposing and dangerous, and some can also be giants. In addition to great whites other sharks reach gigantic sizes, such as the famous megalodon, also included here are the Top 10 of the largest sharks that inhabit the oceans today.

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Nantucket Sleighride

A dangerous, yet exciting, ride in a whale boat being propelled by a harpooned whale.  View this re-enactment featuring Moby Dick!

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Our Whales ... How Many are Left?

Each of these four videos examine our whale populations and look at how many of our sea giants are left. The content looks at different species of whale populations around the world.  In addition, information is given about the numbers of each population, what caused the decrease and the good news regarding increases.

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Subsistence Whaling

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) allows aboriginal subsistence whaling in parts of the United States, Russia, Denmark [Greenland and the Faroe Islands], St Vincent and the Grenadines. Canada and Indonesia also allow subsistence whaling.  


Below are the tales of native populations half a world apart. Each having depended on Whales for food for several hundred and up to a thousand years.


The Iñupiaq people have been hunting whales for thousands of years, and many of their hunting methods and traditions continue to be passed down from generation to generation. 

The Faroe Islands are an archipelago in the North Atlantic, roughly equidistant from Norway, Iceland, and Scotland. Aside from the sheep that freely roam the fjords and a few root vegetables, the Faroese have always relied on the surrounding sea as a source of fish, seabirds, and the pilot whales they catch in a hunt known as the grindadráp, or grind.

Indigenous People use managed whaling that allows historical subsistence whaling while enabling whale populations to continue growing. 

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Cleaning Our Oceans and Waterways

A tale of three initiatives that are helping to develop innovative ways to clean garbage pollution from the world's waters. 

The Ocean Cleanup in Alameda, California; successfully launched its ocean plastic cleanup system, and is now on its way to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Mr. Trash is Baltimore's now famous water-wheel that has pulled thousands of pounds of trash out of the Inner Harbor. This could be a solution for cleaning trash pollution in other waterways around the world.

4Ocean is the case of a peculiar bottle the founders of 4Ocean would often see on Florida beaches while surfing. This led them to launch an ocean cleanup project in Haiti.

NEW Ocean Cleanup ... Watch Video 1... Mister Trash ... Watch Video 2 ... 4Ocean

 Watch Video 3 ... Watch Video 4 ... NEW Watch Video 5 ... link to other videos.


Aquatic Invasive Species
Without a doubt, Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are a huge problem all across the country. They can have such a dynamic effect in the oceans, on lakes, and in rivers and reservoirs. Whether we're talking zebra mussels, quagga mussels, starry stonewarts, spiny water flea, asian carp, lionfish and so many more, we need to do all we can to stop their spread and preserve our waters.

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NEW ... 2021 Boating Safety Statistics 

In 2020, the Coast Guard counted 4,145 accidents that involved 633 deaths, 2,511 injuries and approximately $46 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents. View the Top Ten causes of boating accidents ... Cut and paste this link. 

2021 Recreational Boating Statistics Available


Training ... Cold Water Boot Camp

Join Boot Campers on their journey through cold water hell as they learn first hand the severity of cold water and how to take action to overcome it.

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Emergency Preparedness ... Tips for Kayakers
Canoes and Kayaks were the second leading category for boating deaths in 2017 (USCG 2017- Recreational Boating Statistics). The American Canoe Association partnered with Anzovin Studio to create a video aimed at empowering kayakers and canoeists to take responsibility for their safety on the water. These safety tips would also apply to Personal Watercraft  - 3rd in category.

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Watchstanding ... Navigation Rules International and Inland

Every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing, as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions, so as to make a full appraisal of the situation and of the risk of collision.

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Man Overboard Recovery 

Powerboat: What happens when someone falls out of a powerboat? What actions should the skipper and crew take?

Sailboat: What should the crew and skipper do if a person falls overboard from a sailboat?

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Fire Onboard ... Be Prepared to Take Action !

Boat fires can be devastating, resulting in damage to property and, more importantly, serious injury to those on board. Below are three fire safety videos covering how to prevent fires on your vessel, mandatory equipment requirements, and how to react if a fire occurs.

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Navigation ... Start with the Basics

Aids to Navigation are the visual signs and signals that guide you. Waterways do not have roads; but they do have channels, channel markers, and warnings. 

Navigation Rules are anti-collision regulations (COLREGS) define who has the right-of-way and provide methods for boaters to communicate using lights, sound signals, and day shapes.

Charts are valuable tools that help you to determine your location, find your destination, and learn about the unseen dangers that lie beneath the water's surface.

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Boating in Heavy Seas

The Good: If you run a boat, sooner or later you'll encounter large waves and rough seas. In this quick video three boat handling tips that will help you smooth out the ride.

The Bad: Footage of the boat being spun around by rough seas before it flipped over throwing the man overboard.

The Ugly: YIKES!

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Abandon Ship NEW

Congratulations ... You have successfully navigated your whimsical journey through

Captain Stormalong's Tall Tales Blog. He leaves you by suggesting a selection of lengthy  Tall Tales featuring abandoned ships including famous ghost ships.  

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