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Captain’s Services, Vessel Relocation, and File a Float Plan

Captain's Services and Vessel Relocation

If you are a new boat owner taking delivery, or you are moving your boat to another marina over water, relocation services are available. If you are seeking a Captain’s services or if you need a complete crew your request can be accommodated.

File a Float Plan

Being properly trained and knowledgable of the many on-water safety practices puts you on the path to total enjoyment of your boating experience. However, this activity involves a level of risk that can sometimes result in a change in plans. For this reason, we strongly recommend the use of a “Float Plan”. Having one enables the holder of your plan to call the Coast Guard with actionable information if you are long overdue.  

On the most basic level a Float Plan is telling a family member or friend that you’re going out on the boat. This person should know what you intend to do, where you are going, who will be on-board, and an approximate time you will be returning.  It is also important for this person to be able to describe your boat, its color, its equipment, and to know its registration number.  Also, if your plan changes while underway be sure to notify the holder of your new information.

United States Coast Guard App

(RECOMMENDED) Search for "United States Coast Guard" in your mobile App store.

The Coast Guard App is a useful tool for boaters. It has an interesting range of features that can be a benefit to all who make use of it. Most importantly the App enables you to file your float plan directly with the Coast Guard so the information will be readily available in an emergency. It also can connect you directly to the Coast Guard in an emergency.

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