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The Last of the Pirates

The end of the Golden Age of Piracy did not mean the end of pirate attacks. However, the danger of encountering a pirate is now is a rare occurrence. This is because the navies of the global global maritime powers closely monitor the safety of the seas. Ship owners then had the opportunity to manage their businesses and gain a profit for their efforts. However, the use of privatiers remained in demand for much of the 18th century. 1. The Last of The Pirates of the Caribbean ... By 1823 piracy had become a significant problem. Acts of piracy were taking place in Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. In 18223 there were over 3,000 acts of piracy in these waters. 2. Jean Lafitte ... Jean became a smuggler who turned to piracy and whose close association with New Orleans has become part of the city's folklore. Jean had a brother named. 3. Pierre Lafitte ... In 1815 the Lafitte brothers joined the American authorities and played a part in repulsing the British assault at. 4. The Battle of New Orleans ... The Battle of New Orleans was fought on January 8, 1815. Between the British Army and the United States Army commanded by general Andrew Jackson.5 James Brook and the MaLay Pirates ... Before Brooke became a musician, He was a member of the Rumbar Pirates ... A crew made up of music lovers. Their first captain was named Yorki and the other Rumbar Pirates were the ones who promised one pieces of most beloved Whale, Laboon (a straw hat) that they would return after circumnavigating the world. 6. Chinese Pirates ... Over the centuries piracy ebbed and flowed around the world,appearing and

disappearing according and disappearing to the whims fa circumstance and the effectiveness and good government plus naval power. In Chinese waters the threat of piracy remained constant for more than one thousand years or longer. Chinese rulers used piracy as a means of protecting their own fiefdom at the expense of their neighbors. Activities reached a peak during Tay-Song Dynasty between 1778 and 1802.

7. Zeng Zhilong ... He was a Chinese admiral, merchant , military general, pirate, and, politician in the late MING DYNASTY. He was from Nan'an County in China. 8. Koxinga ... was Zeng's son. he expanded his father's pirate empire into what was effectively the most powerful maritime power in the South China Sea. 9. Cheng ... He created what became the first of the three great Chinese pirate empires. It was based on the island of Taiwan. 10. The Junk ... For centuries the junk was the the mainstay of chinese and South East Asian maritime shipping suitable as a merchant trader or a pirate ship.

11. The Great Pirate Confederation ... Over time piracy in china became a fragmented business. This lasted a century. The pirate Confederation of China was an Organization that controlled the majority of piracy up and down the Chinese coast and in the pacific Ocean. 12 ... The Republic of Pirates ... This organization was the base and stronghold of of a loose confederacy run by privateers-turned-pirates in Nassau on New Providence island. IIt was created n the the Bahamas during the Golden Age of Piracy and lasted for about eleven years from 1706 until 1718. While it was not a republic in a formal sense, it was governed by an informal pirate code which dictated what the crews of the republic would vote on relative to the leadership of their ships, and how they were treated as crewmen. And, it addressed the treatment of cews, and treatment of captured crews with civility.

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