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Piracy in Ancient Greece

Perhaps the most famous pirates of ancient times were the ... Cilician Pirates ... Their territory was located in what is now Turkey ... Their leader ... Hayreddin Barbarossa ... He has gone down in history for being ... The Most Famous Greek Pirate ... The Greek's pirate base was in the Lipari Islands for over 2500 years ... Rome's Base was in Istria ... The Tyrrhenians were notorious pirates before the age of Rome. They were well known for being active in the slave trade ... According to the Homeric Hymns ... These Hymns are a collection of thirty-three anonymous ancient Greek hymns that celebrate individual gods. The hymns are Homeric in the sense that they employ the same epic meter as the origins of the modern term ... Piracy ... They can be traced back to the ancient Greek word ... peiráomai, which meant ... Attempt to Steal ... The most famous pirate of the Mediterranean was undoubtedly ... Barbarossa ... He was born on the Greek island of Lesbos. Later in life he became the Admiral of the Ottoman Fleet ... For the Greeks ... Piracy Was a Part of Everyday life ... A citizen of any city was perfectly free to fit out a ship of his own that was used to raid and capture the enemy ... The Most Famous Incident that Occurred Was the Kidnapping of Julius Caesar by Cilician Pirates ... Later, Algeria and Tunisia joined ... The Ottoman Empire ...

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