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Long John Silver ... Truth or Fiction ?

Long John Silver is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the 1883 novel ... Treasure Island by ... Robert Louis Stevenson ... Silver's missing leg and parrot have greatly contributed to the image of pirates in popular culture. Long John Silver was a cunning and opportunistic pirate who was the ... Quartermaster ... under the notorious ... Captain Flint ... Stevenson's portrayal of ... Long John Silver ... has greatly influenced the iconography of ... The Modern Piracy That Occured in the 21st Century ... Long John Silver had a ... Parrot Named ... Captain Flint ... In honor of the ship captain's parrot who generally perched on Long John Silver's Shoulder. Captain Flint was known to chatter pirate phrases like ... Pieces of Eight ... and ... Stand By to Go About ... Silver used the parrot as another means of gaining the captain's trust by claiming that the bird ... was Two Hundred Years Old ... Silver also claimed he had Served in the ... Royal Navy ... and during that time he severely damaged his leg ... His left leg was cut off close to the hip. From then on he carried a crutch, which he managed with wonderful dexterity, hopping about upon it like a bird. ... Long John Silver ... was very tall and strong. He also claimed to have been ... The Only Man Captain Flint Ever Feared ... Silver was a hardworking and likeable seaman. He was wise enough to save his money, in contrast to the spendthrift ways that most of the pirates lived. He was physically courageous despite his disability. Soon ... Silver jumps Ship and takes "Three or Four Hundred Guineas of the Ships' treasure with him ... Thus he becomes one of only two former members of Captain Flint's crew to get his hands on a portion of the recovered treasure ... The repentant Maroonie ... Ben Gunn ... is the other, but he spent all his 1,000 British Pounds in nineteen days ... Silver became married to a woman of African descent, whom he trusted to manage his business affairs in his absence and to liquidate his assets when his actions made it impossible for him to go home. Silver confides in his fellow pirates that he and his wife plan to rendezvous after the voyage to Skeleton Island is complete and Flint's treasure is recovered. At this point ... Long John Silver Retired to a Life of Luxury ... He retired with 36,320 British Pounds.

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