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Diving's Historical Role Relating to Marine Salvage

... 1. Major General Charles William Pasley's Diving Salvage Operation Set The Stage For Many Salvage Records ... These included the first recorded use of the buddy system by divers. He did this when he mandated that his divers operate as a team.

... 2. Pasley's team executed the first emergency swimming ascent when one of his team's diver's airline became tangled. Quickly, the team needed to cut the line free so that the diver could ascend to the surface. A less fortunate milestone was the first medical account of a ... 3. Helmet Squeeze' ... which meant that if a hose became severed near or above the water's surface, the high pressure air around the diver's head would rapidly escape from the diving helmet, and thus created a large pressure imbalance between the water, the dive suit, and the helmet's interior that tended to force the diver's head into the rigid interior parts of the helmet ... 4. The British Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in 1842 ... At this meeting Sir John Richardson described his new diving apparatus and treatment of the diver whose name was ... Robert Cameron ... following an injury that occurred on October 14, 1841 during salvage operations ... 5. The Booty ... For his efforts, Pasley recovered 12 guns in 1839, plus 11 more in 1840, and 6 in 1841. In 1842 Pasley recovered one more iron 12 pounder and then focused his salvaging efforts on salvaging the other items in his shipwreck. These included a surgeon's brass instruments, silk garments, and pieces of leather. But, no Woolen clothing was recovered ... 6. Contract Salvage ... In contract salvage the owner of the property and salvor enter into a salvage contract prior to the commencement of operations. This is a fixed amount, based on a time and materials basis or any other term that both parties agree to. The contract may also state that payment is only due if he salvage operation is successful, or that payment is due even if the operation is not successful ... 7. By far the most common single form of an international salvage contract is ... Lloyd's of London's Standard Form of Salvage Agreement ... 8. Pure Salvage ... In the United States, pure salvage means there is no contract between the owner of the goods and the salvor. The relationship is on which implied by law. The salvor of property under pure salvage must bring their claim for salvage to a court which has jurisdiction, and this court will qward salvage based upon the merits of the service and the value of the salvaged property.

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