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3 Sister Ships ... The Olympic

The Olympic ... This was a British ocean liner, and the lead ship of the ... White Star Line's Olympic Class Boats ... The Olympic ... She had a career spanning 24 years from 1911 to 1935, In contrast to her short-lived sister ships, Titanic and Britannic. This included service as a Troopship during the ... First World War ... This assignment gained her the nickname ... Old Reliable ... She returned to civilian service after the war, and served successfully as an Ocean Liner throughout the 1920s and into the first half of the 1930s. However, increased competition, and the slump in trade during the Great Depression after 1930, caused her operations to become ... Increasingly Less profitable ... At that time, The Olympic Was the Largest Ocean Liner in the World. Her reign lasted from 1910 to 1913 ... This was briefly surpassed only by the tenure of the slightly larger ship ... The Titanic ... The Olympic ... also held the title of the ... Largest British-Built Ocean Liner until ... The Queen Mary ... was launched in 1934 ... The Olympic ... was retired from active service and sold for scrap on April 12, 1935. Her demolition was completed in 1937 ... The other two ships in her class had short service lives ... On April 14 1912 ... The Titanic collided with an iceberg on her maiden voyage and ... She Sank in the North Atlantic ... The Olympic never operated in her intended role as a passenger ship, instead she served as ... A Hospital Ship during the First World War until she hit a mine and sank in the Aegean Sea in 1916. ... Background and Construction ... The Olympic was the first of The Three Sister Ships ... The others were the ... Titanic and Britannic ... They were the largest vessels built for The White Star Line, which owned a fleet of 29 steamers and tenders in 1912. ... The three ships had their genesis during a discussion in mid-1907 between the White Star Line's chairman, and ... J. P Morgan ... who controlled the White Star Line's parent corporation, ... The International Mercantile Marine Company ... The White Star Line faced a growing challenge from its main rivals ... Cunard ... who had just launched two new ships ... The Lusitania and The Mauretania ... These two new ships quickly became known for being the fastest passenger ships then in service ... However, the owners preferred to compete on size and economics rather than speed. They proposed to commission a new class of liners that would be bigger than anything that had gone before as well as being ... The Last Word in Comfort and Luxury ... The company sought an upgrade in their fleet primarily in response to the largest Cunarders, but also to replace their largest and now outclassed ships from 1890 ... The Teutonic and The Majestic ... The former was replaced by Olympic while Majestic was replaced by ... The Titanic ... Majestic would be brought back into her old spot on White Star's New York service after Titanic's loss.

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