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Boating Lessons
In Your Boat, ON THE WATER

Welcome to the Boating Community ... Learn to operate your boat from a Licensed Master Captain and CGAUX Coxswain !!!

New York State Safe Boating Classes ... -Conducted inside the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum ... Take the course and explore the museum !!!

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Explore Our Site ... Learn more !!! about each course, download helpful information, find Federal or State safe boating classes, view informative videos, and more.

Boating Lessons ... Specializing in Runabouts to Motor Yachts !!!  

Vaccinated Instructor ...   The lessons that comprise our curriculum are essentially the same as attending a private boating school ... On Your Boat while Underway!

Welcome to your location ... Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island 


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50 Ton Master Captain Upon Near Coastal Waters and a Coxswain in the USCG Auxiliary.


              ... We train Volunteers ...  

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Disclosure: All of the services offered herein are independently developed and delivered by Captain Steve and his associates. Nothing in this website is intended to imply that the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has had any involvement with the development of the content of the site nor with the development of the services being offered. It does not participate in the delivery of these services, nor has it sanctioned the courses in any way.
Captain Steve Stolze is a USCG licensed 50 Ton Master, and Near Coastal Captain.  He is a life-long boater with on-water experience covering thousands of hours. In addition, Steve has 25 years of experience as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Here he is a Coxswain certified facility owner who has donated time during many boating seasons to support the Coast Guard's on-water operations, and safe boating activities. Captain Steve is also a USCG certified Instructor, a USCG certified Vessel Examiner, and a Board of Trustees Member for the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum.

"Congratulations and welcome to the boating community! As an owner/operator you are now responsible for the safety of your family, friends and crew while on your boat; as well as for the safety of other vessels and its passengers in near proximity to your vessel while underway. The services offered through this on-water training program will help to ensure you can operate your boat proficiently, and that you consistently apply recognized safe boating practices." 

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Boating Lessons  

In Your Boat, On the Water! Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Any one, or all of these private boating lessons can be conducted on your vessel.


Q: What is the meaning of...BLUE Monday?
A: The day traditionally reserved for dispensing the week's whippings.
Whether you are a first-time boater, a skipper who wants to learn more, an owner/operator who wants to train a second in command, or if you want to improve the boating skills of your family; this on-water training will provide you with a unique one-on-one experience touching on all the categories listed below.

Being educated reduces risks! has developed a series of group presentations that address key safety concerns aligned with a variety of situations that may be encountered while underway.  Each will be presented by Captain Steve, and take approximately one hour to complete including an open Q&A period that follows. 

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